Hello! I'm Bekah!

How Long Have You Been Doing Photography?
I started doing photography in 2016 right before I found out I was pregnant with my first son! I had been practicing for a couple years before then, but this was the year I made a dive into it for real. 

How many weddings and sessions do you shoot every year? 
I take on about 12-20 weddings a year in order to have a healthy work/life balance. I value spending as much time as I can being a wife and mama to my boys, but also being able to give my couples equal attention for their big days! 

Do You Have A Favorite Location to Shoot At?
NYC is hands-down my favorite place to photograph couples in, and for families, I actually really love at-home sessions! 

What's something about you that I wouldn't know? 
If you read my about me on the front page, you'll see that I mentioned my journey to motherhood has been hard. I spent over a year to have my first son, and around 5 (brutal) years to have my 2nd son. I love them so much, and my hardships are worth the connections I have with them. While I've grown and learned a lot from these experiences, my heart is with all of the mamas out there who have and/or will experience the same. I see you and understand what you're going through! 

What's your go-to pre and post wedding meal? 
I always always always have to get a large iced vanilla latte before a wedding. My New Year's Resolution was to drink more lattes, after all! And after a wedding, I'm a beefy melt burrito kind of gal. 

No Travel Fees

If you are getting married in NYC, New Orleans, Chicago, Yosemite, or some other really really cool place - talk to me! I will cut a deal in order to travel and make art somewhere extra amazing!


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